AlumiTact X700 Tactical Flashlight

The X700 Tactical Flashlight

Everybody has a flashlight. But what your flashlight can do is all that matters. The x700 tactical flashlight can only be compared to the flashlights that are used by elite military units. By the time you are done with reading this x700 tactical flashlight review, you will know why it is worth to spend money on.

X700 Tactical Flashlight

AlumiTact X700 Tactical Flashlight Review

Some of the features that make the x700 tactical flashlight great are:

  • Steel and carbon fiber design hold up under rugged use.
  • Five handgrips reduce fatigue.
  • No dangerous fumes to harm pets.
  • The flashlight comes with a wonderful zoom mode; up to the magnitude of 2000x.
  • It can switch to five preset modes i. e high to low.
  • It has a strobe mode which is typically a blinding flashy light which is very helpful in dealing with attackers.
  • An SOS mode. Most probably you may not know what the SOS mode is all about but it is when you use the light flash as a code of calling for help from tactical and rescue professionals.
  • It is so bright and can be seen from 2000Nm away. And it has a brightness level of 700 Lumens of light.
  • It has a self-defense mode.
  • And it can work in extreme weather conditions; even if placed in a block of ice, it will still work thereafter. It will even work after being placed in water that has been heated to 200-degree celsius!
  • It is made from high-grade aircraft aluminum.
  • And it comes with an LED emitter.
  • You know it uses 3 AAA batteries that can be disposed of. The batteries have a long battery life; the bulb will last for 88764 hours.
  • It is compact and lightweight so you can carry it with ease anywhere you had love to go.
  • It has an adjustable focus beam.
  • You can turn into the low light mode when you are in dimly lit places or just have the right situations for emergency situations.

You May Care More About These:

  • Comes at a very pocket.
  • Friendly price. Considering all those features, you get the value for your money. The x700 tactical flashlight goes for only $56.
  • It is very easy to use. And it is made in such a way that you get the finest handling.
  • It is used by professionals. Most of the x700 tactical flashlight reviews will tell you that it is used by elite military units and the police but that is not yet substantiated. Though other professionals like rescuers use the x700 tactical flashlight. That means that it is really a top-quality product.
  • Very efficient for other outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and camping.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • The only con of the x700 tactical flashlight is that you can not charge it. But since the battery life lasts for a substantial amount of time, it should not be such a bother.

The only con of the x700 tactical flashlight is that you can not charge it. But since the battery life lasts for a substantial amount of time, it should not be such a bother.

You don’t have to replace the battery more often and that is not such a bother. Even other types of flashlights like the G700 tactical flashlight are not chargeable. The battery life of the Alumnitact x700 flashlight is pretty long and you don’t need to get worried about the charge. However, the batteries are still replaceable so when they will get exhausted, you will replace them.

What are some of the other products that compete with the x700 tactical flashlight?

The x700 tactical flashlight is a product in its own league. However, there are other tactical flashlights that have pretty good features. In this review, we will be honest to tell you that the x700 tactical flashlight is the only one of its kind worth your money. Here is a list of other tactical flashlights that are good;

1. The G700 Tactical Flashlight

LumiTact Tactical G700 Flashlight


2. The Surefire G2X

3. OLIGHT Warrior X 2000

4. Helotex G2

Our opinion; should you spend money on this flashlight?

Our answer is yes. The x700 tactical flashlight is a product that is worth the money. There may be a lot of crappy things that people say about it all over the internet but you don’t have to listen to them. The features are great and compare them with what other products such as the Helotex give you. You will find that it is not even close to what the x700 offers. There are so many x700 tactical flashlight reviews out there that say negative things about it. Just look at the features. You will definitely get the value for your money by choosing the x700 tactical flashlight.


What did we base our review on?

In this review, we considered a number of factors. The main factor that we considered was the price. While tacticians may tell you that the x700 tactical flashlight is not worth the price, it is logical for you to consider the features that this flashlight offers. Being made out of aluminum is not really a thing to boast about the x700, but look at other features such as the Lumens and the zoom capacity. It is not expensive to cost over 50 bucks when the product offers 700 Lumens and zoom power of 2000. It is definitely worth it.

The other thing that we considered was the users. You do not expect the military to use the x700 tactical flashlight and get the same results. The demands of the military are quite different from the demands of camping enthusiasts. The philosophy of use is a major factor that you have to keep in mind when reading our review. In this review, we presume that it is for standard and professional use. You do not buy the x700 and expect it to deliver the same results as a flashlight that is used by elite military units. If bought by the right user, it is undoubtedly the best. The bottom line is, it is the best in its league.

Where to buy the X700 Tactical Flashlight?

The best place to buy the tactical flashlight is at the official distributor. If you buy it at the military supply store you will get a 75 percent discount. The offer is available for a very limited time so go to and get it. Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy from the military supply USA, you can buy it on Amazon.

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