TC1200 Tactical Flashlight Reviews

The TC1200 Tactical Flashlight Reviews For Buyers

TC1200 tactical flashlight is a brilliant high performance and military-inspired flashlight that is designed to meet all user requirements that a tactical flashlight could contain at an affordable price. It boasts of lightweight with weapon-grade aluminum covering to strengthen if it falls and also to increase durability.

TC1200 has five mode settings namely

  • Low Mode
  • Medium Mode
  • High Mode
  • SOS Mode
  • Strobe Settings Mode

Its batteries are durable with the capability of lasting for one hundred thousand lamp hours. It also has the capability of focusing on 1X, 250X, 500X, 1000X, and 2000X LED emitter light ranges.

The TC1200 comes with a tactical kit which contains the following

  • 1 AAA battery holder
  • One rechargeable battery
  • One wall charger
  • One car charger
  • One TC1200 holster

Holster a secure and stable pocket like storage for hanging on your belt.

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

Some of its features include:

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

  • TC1200 has five handgrips that are necessary for reducing fatigue when using the flashlight for an extended period. This handgrip is also designed to ensure that the torch is held firmly and hence reducing the chances of slipping off the hands.
  • It is made up of steel and carbon fiber design that holds up when the flashlight is under rugged use.
  • For safety purposes, it does not produce dangerous fumes that cause harm to pets if they came into contact with the torch.

TC1200 has advantages which include:

  • It is designed in a simple manner hence making it very easy to use.
  • In comparison to what it can do, TC1200 is cheap with the cost starting from as low as $17,99.
  • Another advantage of the TC1200 is its small size. It is small and compact in size hence making it easy to carry.
  • The aluminum materials used for encasing it are hard and not easily destroyed hence its durability is maximum.
  • It also emits a high amount of light as the led light bulb is brilliant. These make the flashlight very reliable.

From TC1200 tactical flashlight reviews, we find that it also provides self-defense capabilities. Making it a suitable choice for police officers and security personnel. These are because it has a disorienting strobe effect which can be used to blind the target permanently and it also contributes to identifying threats in a low light environment. Some tactical flashlights have serrated bezel used as a striking device in times of attack.

TC1200 tactical flashlight also has some disadvantages

One of them is that it is not easy to use a tactical flashlight when using a gun. Hence it requires one to learn how to use a tactical flashlight when using a weapon. For weapon-mounted lights, the problem is with the flashlight is mounted on your gun, you have to point your gun at the object you want to illuminate.

These are not very safe as the target could be in another direction. However, using small tactical flashlight one can safely assess the situation without pointing a gun at a non-threat hence solving the weapon-mounted light problem. Also, when using a gun and a tactical flashlight in a two-handed flashlight technique, it is possible to point your gun at a non-potential threat. These are because if you want to shine a light on something, you will have to point your weapon at that object.

Although it is a safe measure by keeping your finger on the trigger, there are chances that you are pointing at a non-threat. These can be solved by holding the tactical flashlight in the non-dominant hand and keeping the light on your eye with the other hand holding the gun extending out.

Reviewing other Tactical Flashlights

1. Streamlight 88040 ProTac Tactical Flashlight

Streamlight 88040 ProTac Tactical FlashlightIt is a fantastic flashlight that comes at an affordable price. It is bright, built withC4led technology, making it one of the brightest tactical flashlights on the market. The brightness is a product of an LED solid power regulator that outputs the most efficient light. These LED solid power regulator regulates the power output or the tactical flashlight enabling that it is not overused hence minimizing the risk of a battery dying.

The stream light tactical flashlight is also waterproof hence it can be used even underwater. These also increase its durability. Like the Tc1200, stream light also made of the aircraft aluminum hence it does not break when dropped. Unlike the Tc1200, stream light has only three modes.

Read our full review of the STREAMLIGHT 88040 PROTAC

2. Solar Pro ZX-2 Tactical Flashlight

Solar Pro ZX-2 Tactical FlashlightIt is a quality and quite reliable tactical flashlight with a large lumen which when in the maximum state produces 1200 lumens. It fitted with the ultra-bright XM-L T6 Super silicon carbide single Die LED chip. These are the best-LED bulb on the market, making it suitable for security and other lighting purposes. Its main features are that it distributes energy making sure that the Lithium battery lasts longer. Also, its batteries are rechargeable hence one does not have to replace the flashlight when the batteries wear off. It has a focus zoom feature making it very versatile.

This feature enables you to set your preferred functions in accordance to your needs. It comes with a deluxe corded lithium-ion charger, a bonus mini-pro 1 LED flash, and is carefully packaged in cardboard with a secure magnetic lid. Some customers pointed out that it is hard to use as the zoom feature requires a significant amount of force to adjust the lens.

3. Vizeri VZ230 Tactical Flashlight

Vizeri VZ230 Tactical FlashlightIt is a durable and versatile flashlight with all features expected in a tactical flashlight. Its unusual feature is that it has a focusing lens which allows you to adjust the light in agreement with your needs. These are helpful, especially when you want to see something in the distance, you narrow the beam.

It comes with five modes. It is water-resistant up to 3 feet of water. And it has flexible power options. You can use AAA batteries, alkaline batteries or rechargeable ones. It also has a ring to hang it hence making it suitable for camping.


With much said about tactical flashlights, I would highly recommend readers to buy the TC1200 tactical flashlight. You can buy it directly from Amazon.

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