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The Tac Light Review For 2020

With tac lights becoming popular and different companies flooding the market with biased tac light reviews it is very difficult to find a one with good quality. But search no more, we have done the digging for you, our Taclight review for different products will help you get the best quality Taclight out there for you.

Whether we are going out camping with friends, on trekking, or on a road trip a good handy flashlight is must-have equipment hence, we have Taclights or tactical flashlights. They have specially built design and functionality that make them an ideal choice for replacing traditional flashlights, the latter of which are usually bulkier with comparatively poor performance. Tactical flashlights are military-grade flashlights that are used by military personals and law enforcers.

Taclight is smaller in size offering around 700 lumens intensity which can be seen from more than 2 miles away, powered with one or two AA size batteries in just 5-6 inches long it can sure be a lifesaver if stuck in some dark abandoned area. You know Taclights are a great choice for going hunting in dark areas or for emergency situations like if your car breaks down while traveling during the night then Taclight can be ideal equipment to send a distress signal to long distances for help.

Taclight’s Features Include:

High Durability

Steel and carbon fiber design ensures the durability of the product and holds up under rugged use. Bell and Howell TacLight at www.trytaclight.com can withstand the pressure of humvee on it.


It is designed to work without any problem underwater, in boiling water and in extremely low temperatures, even when it is frozen in ice Taclight works just fine without any problem.

​Less Fatigue

With its five hand grips, design Taclights are comfortable to hold and do not causes much fatigue while holding it for longer durations of time.

​Environmental Friendly

As ordinary flashlights emit harmful fumes which might be dangerous for our pets as they have very sensitive smelling sense, Taclight emits no such harmful fumes.

​More Brightness

The Taclight is more than 20 times brighter than ordinary flashlights and can be seen from miles away.

Smaller Size

They have a compact size of around 5-7 inches and are very lightweight making them easy to carry anywhere in your pocket.

Well for going out camping we have been reviewing one of the most important equipment, Taclight, which is used to get to our destination but after we reach our destination, what are we gonna do about the lighting? Use those traditional bulky gas lanterns. NO. For that, we have included Tac Light Lantern Review in our tac light review.

Tac Light Lantern

Tac light lantern is a small lightweight lantern that is twice as bright as ordinary lanterns. They can be used to fill a whole room with light.

Taclight Lantern’s Features Include:

High Brightness

They have twice the brightness of ordinary lanterns and can be seen from more than 2 miles away.

Compact and Portable

They are smaller in size and can be collapsed making it smaller than a smartphone and small enough to fit in a pocket or car compartment. Tac light lanterns are lightweight and weigh less than a pound making them easy to carry anywhere.

Element Resistance

It is designed to work underwater, in ice and even in the fire. Taclight lanterns are designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

While going through both of the products for our Taclight Review and Taclight Lantern Review we had to examine their Pros and cons carefully.

  • Easy to Use: The design and functionality of both Taclight and Taclight Lantern keep the ease of use at its primary concern and doesn’t disappoint.
  • Long battery life. The g700 can store charge for exceedingly long hence reducing the need to keep on recharging.
  • Low Cost: Considering their excellent performance tac light and tac light lantern are available at very low prices at www.trytaclight.com.
  • Used by Professionals: Both these products are used by professionals which alone is enough proof for their reliability.
  • Owing to their small size, it won’t be very difficult to lose the Taclight while going trekking as it can easily fall out of the pocket.
  • With its high intensity, it can blind you for few seconds if flashed on eyes again and again.

But these problems can be taken care of by using special waist belts to hold tac light on your waist or we can use clothes with special zipper pockets to keep them still or maybe use small ropes to keep them tied to our arms or wrists. Other con precautions should be taken like avoiding children to get their hands on them and avoiding using Taclights on the face.

In our Taclight reviews for many different products, the best product offering the best value for money is:


This product offers about high lumen intensity with 5 different preset modes to select the intensity of the light. It is made using high-grade aircraft aluminum making it much more durable. It can even withstand the weight of a heavy-duty car on it and extreme temperatures. All this is available at just $19.99 with a lifetime guarantee making it the best available deal out there. For an additional $10 we can get another bonus tac light.

Though costly but other alternatives for the product are:

1. Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750

This tac light offers 600 lumens with an LED bulb powered by 2 CR123A batteries with total weight around 5.6 ounces for about $75.



This model offers 1200 lumens LED bulb with lithium-ion batteries, weighing a total of 6.2 ounces at about $65.

3. Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen

This model provides 1000 lumens intensity at about $73.



Considering the cost of these alternatives in our Taclight review the price per lumen is quite high as compared to Bell + Howell TacLight which might not be an ideal choice as all these alternative products aren’t offering much guarantee time period.

The Bell & Howell Taclight can be bought on Amazon and you can get quite a deal by paying an additional $10 bucks for an additional bonus Taclight.

And for Taclight lantern review the product from the same company Bell and Howell using there specially designed Bell + Howell COB LEDs can be bought on Amazon for $19.99 and free upgrade to a deluxe model with a lifetime guarantee.

Here’s the video for you to learn more details about Bell & Howell Tac Light.

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