Tactical G700 Military Flashlight

Tactical G700 Flashlight Reviews

The LumiTact Tactical G700 Flashlight has been nicknamed the military flashlight because of its revolutionary features. With a tough, sturdy and exquisite look, the G700 is a flashlight like no other in the market.

Features of Tactical G700 Flashlight

1. Aircraft aluminum

LumiTact Tactical G700 FlashlightThis is the material that is used to create planes making them strong enough to withstand the resistance of the fast-moving air. The G700 employs that same idea with the desire to be one of the toughest flashlights ever to exist. The claim by the manufacturers is the fact that this material can withstand being run over by a car. This assertion gives credit to the flashlight making it a very durable gadget to carry around.

2.​ Waterproof structure

This feature is one of the most impressive ever on a torch because the flashlight can be used both on land and underwater. The flashlight is very useful since it can then be used in all the environments and terrains.

​3. Rechargeable battery

The hassle of constantly changing batteries is not a problem in this small piece of ingenuity. It comes with its own rechargeable battery that can last for many hours in usage without needing a recharge. Additionally, the battery comes with the feature of easy charge whereby it takes only one hour to charge the battery fully.

4. ​LED technology

The G700 comes with a new form of lighting that has not been on the market for very long. With this technology, the flashlight can be able to project light over long distances as compared to the other traditional LED diodes. The new LED chips can illuminate a straight stretch of 2000 feet.

5. ​Different focus modes

This feature gives the flashlight more lighting choices to suit the different demands of customers. With six different focus models like the sphere, telescopic and square box, the g700 is as versatile as it can get.

6. ​SOS signals

This is a security feature present in all g700 that can be used to send out SOS signals to call for help in case of an emergency. Additionally, the flashlight can create blink signals that are well illuminated to aid in rescue in the event of a disaster.

7. Telescopic lamp glass

The type of glass used in creating the g700 is world-class since it can last 120,000 light hours without any defect or malfunction. This feature makes the flashlight one of the most durable torches available.

  • It has a broad range of zoom functionality. This makes it very suitable for different places and purposes.
  • Long battery life. The g700 can store charge for exceedingly long hence reducing the need to keep on recharging.
  • Durable aluminum or steel material that is sure to maintain the flashlight functioning for long regardless of being subjected to a rough environment.
  • Telescopic focusing beam that can view things that are distanced far.
  • Less bulky making it convenient for carrying around.
  • Limited availability. The g700 is only bought via online platforms and is not readily available in the retail stores.

In general, the g700 is a unique flashlight because of the capabilities and the things it can handle. However, other products offer competition to the tactical g700 flashlight. These include:

Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight

Produced by an American company, the Shadowhawk comes in better in properties than the g700. The flashlight uses an LED emitter that is better than the one on the g700. However, the other structural features are the same as the g700. Nevertheless, the X800 might be slightly better but based on the review of different customers; they would rather prefer the g700 to the x800.

Miltac Military Taclight

It comes third in line after the X800 and the G700. It has the same structural features as the g700. However, it comes lower in rank because of the good review that the g700 has over it.

AlumiTact X700

The flashlight resembles the Miltac Military Taclight and comes in fourth place because of having less positive reviews.


The tactical g700 is clearly the dominant brand in the market of flashlights because of its features. Regardless of having some features that are slightly lower than the x800, the g700 has the most market share. First of all, the tactical g700 flashlight reviews are more than its competitors because of having excellent product backgrounds.

The LumiTact Company that comes from Missouri is known for its candidness regarding sharing the features of products. Therefore, people are drawn to it making it the best. A product with such a grip on the market and having good reviews seals it as the best.

Why we choose it?

As compared to the other types of flashlights it has the highest number of modes and can be used for different reasons. Additionally, the g700 has the most durable glass life with a staggering 120,000 hours to it. Also, the fact that it has one of the highest luminous flux. It means that the flashlight is extremely bright for the usual activities that an individual has. The LumiTact company that produces the product makes it more alluring to acquire the g700. Having a steady background makes people relate to a product.

Moreover, the g700 has the waterproof qualities that are unlike any other flashlight. The ability to perform under any terrain gives this revolutionary gadget an edge in the market too. For emergencies, the tactical g700 can fish you out of trouble by making use of its security features. With the allowance for transmitting SOS signals, it comes in very handy in ensuring that a person stays safe and visible in the wild without any resort. The beacons created by the beam also help greatly in ensuring that a person can be located with ease.

If I bought another flashlight like the ShadowHawk X800, I would definitely look forward to experiencing the extensive LED capabilities it has over the g700. On top of that, I would test the flashlight underwater to deduce between the two which is more dominant. The g700, however, can be bought from its official website. The flashlight can be shipped to anywhere in the world for a certain fee.

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