Best J5 Tactical-V1-Pro Flashlight Review

J5 Tactical Flashlight Review Of 2020

If you are looking for a high-quality tactical flashlight that you can carry with you, is heavy-duty, and offers a bright light that adjusts to your needs, then you will want the J5 V1 tactical flashlight. These amazing lights are not only adjustable but will provide you with everything you need from a tactical flashlight. Our J5 Tactical flashlight reviews will give you all the information that you need to decide if this wonderful flashlight will offer you everything that you need from your tactical flashlight.

There are several features that the J5 V1 tactical flashlight will provide you as you use and enjoy this product. These features include:

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body
  • Impact Resistance
  • Compact Design
  • 3 Light Settings


J5 Tactical FlashlightEach of these features will ensure that your flashlight is not only durable but easy to carry with you no matter where you are going. It will also help you to adjust to any situation to ensure its use in all situations and conditions. Not only is this an amazing quality in a flashlight, but it makes sure that you have confidence in the light before you take it around with you.

You will notice that there are several benefits that you will receive from this flashlight that will ensure your happiness with the product. The pros to the J5 Tactical flashlight will not only encourage you to learn more but help you to determine if the light fits your wants and needs.

  • Durable outer body to prevent damage that could ruin other flashlights.
  • Impact resistance to help it withstand being dropped or used as a weapon.
  • Waterproof to prevent any damage in the rain or use in areas where water would otherwise pose a problem.
  • Uses a single AA alkaline battery to power the light.
  • It offers 3 different light settings including two brightness levels, high and low, and a strobe setting for use in blinding an attacker.
  • Compact and lightweight enough to comfortably fit into your hand and carry with you no matter if you are a man or woman.
  • Ability to replace or get a refund if you are unhappy with your purchase of this product.


The only downside to the light that many J5 V1 Tactical Flashlight Reviews have pointed out is that the belt clip on the side of the light is looser than expected. One J5 V1 pro tactical flashlight review pointed out the concern that the clip could become loose or fall from your belt or bag while you are carrying it around.

A few other J5 Tactical flashlight reviews suggested that the clip could simply break in the process of taking it in and out of your pocket. This is an understandable issue as you don’t want to lose the flashlight while you are out and about. However, it isn’t a complete deal-breaker for those who are looking to buy this light as many have found there are cases that you can keep the light in and still connect it to your belt or simply carry it in your pocket.

Top Contenders

You will find many J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight Reviews on the internet that will show you everything that is amazing about these lights, however, there are a few competitors out there who are slightly better than the J5 V1 Pro. These lights offer much of the same benefits but seem to be a little sturdier or last a bit longer battery wise.

J5 Hyper-V Flashlight

J5 Tactical 732A Flashlight

Each of these other J5 Tactical flashlights offers many of the same benefits as the J5 V1, however, they are either more expensive or slightly heavier.

Our Opinion

Best J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight ReviewWe chose to collect information from many J5 tactical flashlight reviews to ensure that you have all the information you need in one place. In our opinion, the J5 V1 Tactical flashlight is an excellent option for anyone who wants to buy a high-quality light. Not only will you be able to enjoy the features offered but know that you have a dependable light. Many of the J5 Tactical flashlight reviews out there have also pointed us to the J5 V1 Pro specifically as it is just as durable as other models without the higher price tag attached.

A few reasons why we like the J5 V1 include the price as you can pick it up for $15 to $30 and you can trust it to last. This can allow you to buy a dependable light that won’t cost you a lot of money to power due to only using a single AA battery, but doesn’t cost a great deal of money to purchase in the first place. Some of the customers who have written J5 Tactical flashlight reviews have said that they not only enjoy this particular model but have owned their own for quite a while without any issues. This has proven to us the durability and impact resistance of this light as many reviewers have also shared the video of its strength making it dependable.

Difference between J5 Series

By purchasing another J5 tactical flashlight model you may find a bit more sturdiness in the belt clip as well as increased brightness in the light due to the higher lumens. The J5 Hyper-V offers 400 lumens and the J5 V2 provides 750 lumens. While the brightness can be useful you need to think about whether it is necessary. The other difference is the price which seems to go up the brighter light the J5 Tactical flashlight offers.

Where to Buy

You can find the J5 V1 Tactical flashlight through the J5 Tactical website or you can purchase it through Amazon depending on which you feel more comfortable with when shopping online. The benefit of purchasing this light through Amazon is that you will only pay $15 for the light instead of $30 from the official website. However, you can still return the light for a full refund or replacement if you are unhappy with it as both Amazon and J5 Tactical will honor the warranty and guarantee of the product.

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