Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight

Fenix Tactical Flashlight Review

A portable flashlight is something that is now an essential thing to have. No matter where you are heading towards, the portable handheld flashlight can be a savior to you. There are plenty of flashlights available in the market. However, if you are looking for the best, then you should look no further than the Fenix flashlight PD35. For those who are unaware of this brilliant flashlight, here is a brief Fenix flashlight review that will help you understand why it is a must-have product for everyone.

The thing that helps the Fenix flashlight to stand out of the crowd. Let us discuss some of the best features that make the Fenix pd35 tactical flashlight one of the best flashlights available in the market.

Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight’s Features Include:

Fenix Tactical Flashlight Review

1. Anti-reflective coating and ultra-tough glass.

We often hear complaints about the lens of the flashlights. Either they are unable to focus the light on the object or have glass that easily gets damaged. However, this may be not the case with the Fenix PD35. The reason behind this is the ultra-toughened glass lens that has been used in the flashlight and is proven to have a better lifespan than most of the lenses used in the flashlights of other major brands available in the market.

In all, it can easily withstand rough handling. It makes the flashlight truly “usable in every condition”. So, for those who are looking for an ultra-durable flashlight with a toughened glass lens, the Fenix pd35 is a great choice with almost no flaws in design, reliability and build quality.

2. Durable design

Apart from having a toughened glass lens, that provides it a flawless accuracy, build quality of the flashlight is another thing that makes it a perfect buy for the travelers as well as the general users. The flashlight is made up of durable aluminum which provides it the ability to withstand the rough usage. Moreover, the perfect shape and design of the flashlight make it easy to hold and grip to make and makes it a perfect companion of your adventure trip. In addition, the flashlight is water and dust resistant that makes it a perfect buy for adventure lovers. So, for those who are looking for a tough flashlight, with a perfectly durable design, the PD35 from Fenix is a perfect buy.

3. Digitally regulated output

Most of the flashlights available in the market often stop working when they were actually needed. The main reason behind this is either the low battery or any other reason that interrupts the output voltage. In case you are using the Fenix PD 35, the output of the flashlight is digitally regulated. That means regardless of your battery stage, you will get a consistent performance from the flashlight. This makes it one of the most reliable and consistent flashlights available in the market. Moreover, the digitally regulated output helps you get precise and accurate focus, that is an essential thing in an emergency.

4. Low-voltage warning function

Imagine a condition where you desperately need a flashlight and you realize that there is no battery in your handheld flashlight. What will you do? Well, if you are having the Fenix PD35, you literally have no need to think about the battery life ever again. The flashlight has a low-voltage warning function that alerts the user well in advance to change the batteries. This basic function may help you to be prepared in advance. So, you won’t have to carry an extra set of batteries to deal with such conditions, just charge your battery whenever you are intimated to do so.

5. Limited Lifetime Guarantee

The best thing about the Fenix flashlight is the company provides a limited lifetime warranty. So, no matter how rough you use the flashlight, you can always look at the company for the guarantee. This is an extremely useful thing for the buyers and can be seen as the company’s confidence over the product. So, if you are looking for a reliable, well built, durable flashlight that can be used for years flawlessly, the Fenix flashlight will be a great choice.

There are plenty of plus points that can be seen as the pros of using the Fenix PD35 instead of other flashlights that term themselves as the best in their category. Some of these points are listed as follows:

  • Easy to use.
  • Brilliant light-throw.
  • Multiple Output Modes.
  • Follows IPX-8 Standard.
  • Although there is not much that we can ask for by looking at the features and plus points about the Fenix pd35 tactical flashlight, it would be really great if the flashlight provides a better lifespan in the turbo mode which would make it great for the adventure lovers. However, this can easily be overlooked by carrying an extra set of batteries while you are heading for a night out.

Other options

In case, you are willing to compare the Fenix pd35 flashlight and other market leaders in terms of durability and reliability, then we would suggest you look for the Solaray PRO ZX-2, J5 Tactical Flashlight, or the Solaray Pro ZX-1. Both of these flashlights provide good competition to the Fenix PD35 in terms of luminance, battery life, and build quality. So, if you are looking for the possible options for the Fenix or want to buy a backup flashlight to carry along with you, then these flashlights will be a perfect choice for you.

Where to buy

At last, the final question, from where you can buy the flashlight. And our recommended answer to this would be to choose an online store where you can get some additional discount and exclusive offers that make the deal even more awesome. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the Fenix PD35 before the stocks end.

So, this was a brief Fenix flashlight review that showed some of the major talked-about features and points about the flashlight. Some of the unique features like the toughened lens and limited lifetime guarantee. They make the PD35 a perfect tactical flashlight that almost everyone should once try. So, choose the seller and buy the Fenix PD35 tactical flashlight right now.

We think you may also like Streamlight 88040 ProTac Tactical Flashlight. Thank you for taking the time to read this review. Any questions, you can leave us a comment.

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