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10 Best Waterproof Flashlights Reviewed in 2021

Using a flashlight when scuba diving, camping, or fishing is always a handy tool to have. During an emergency or even when there is an issue with your electricity supply at home, a flashlight can be an invaluable tool.

Having a waterproof feature makes a flashlight even more usable and prevents it from becoming obsolete. Here are ten of the best waterproof flashlights to consider when shopping for this type of unit:

1. NICRON N7 Tactical Waterproof Flashlight

Carrying the NICRON N7 tactical waterproof flashlight should make it easier to light up an entire room when the electricity drops or the sun goes down. Using its 600 lumens is a convenient and fast way to ensure a person can see for several hours when using a single AA battery.

Slipping it into a pocket and taking it on a hunting or fishing trip should be a convenient way to safeguard against fumbling around in the dark when a little extra light is required. Tough and compact, this unit is also highly durable, making it useful for rugged adventurers.

2. Nextool USB Handheld Flashlight

Shining light on an object should be highly efficient when using the Nextool handheld waterproof flashlight. Carrying it on a camping excursion or pulling it out for an emergency should be highly beneficial.

Its 2000 lumens of brightness has a 300 distance irradiation and 140 hours of battery life. Gadget lovers will appreciate its five modes, which can come in handy for different lighting requirements.

Submerging this waterproof flashlight under less than 1 m of water should be fine, making it ideal for fishing in low water levels.

3. Brightstar Razor LED Flashlight

Using the Brightstar Razor work-safe LED flashlight is excellent for industrial and emergency use. Designed and manufactured in the United States, it has a highly durable construction containing a shockproof design.

Utilizing it in harsh environments is possible as it can survive being submerged in a meter of water or dropped from 1 meter onto concrete. Having it handy when smoke or dust is in the air should make it easier to see as it has a high output of 120 lumens and a distance of 170 meters.

4. Rayovac Tactical LED Waterproof Flashlight

Eliminating a workspace should be highly efficient with the Rayovac LED waterproof flashlight. With a long beam distance of 528 feet, its 350 lumens should be highly efficient in eliminating most areas.

Designed with shatterproof components, This flashlight can be dropped up to 30 feet and survive the impact. Choosing between different modes will help save energy and come in handy when a high amount of light is required.

With a lifetime warranty and IP67 waterproof features, this LED tactical flashlight is perfect for intricate jobs or emergencies.

5. Dorcy Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight

Dropping the Dorcy LED flashlight in water won’t cause any problems as this compact unit is designed to float and stay waterproof.

Equipped with up to nine hours of run time, it should be used for smaller areas where extra light is needed.

Providing 55 lumens of light makes it convenient to place in a backpack and carry on a hiking trip or have it stored away for an emergency when the lights fail to work due to an electrical blackout.

6. Zohi Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight

Carrying the Zohi rechargeable flashlight with its convenient finger grip handle makes it easy to direct light towards dark areas.

Equipped with three brightness levels, using it on a boat may be an excellent choice as it can illuminate up to 500 yards when using the highest brightness level. 1500 lumens makes it one of the brightest lights on the list.

Having it at work, home or any outside environment should make it more efficient to see in the dark, whether it is acting as a hunting spotlight or during an emergency.

7. UST SplashFlash Mini Flashlight

Lighting up a small area using the UST Splashflash mini flashlight offers a quick way to find a set of car keys or a pocket knife. It’s equipped with 25 lumens of constant clean light and is highly compact with a 1-inch width and 3-inch height.

Clipping it onto a keychain and carrying it in a purse or pocket can make it more efficient to find things in the dark when a bigger flashlight isn’t handy.

Both waterproof and durable, it has an IP67 rating, protecting it from damage in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

8. Cree XHP35 HD LED Scuba Flashlight

The Cree XHP35 HD LED flashlight is ideal for scuba divers who need extra light when swimming underwater. Reaching down to depths of 150 meters is possible with the IPX-8 rating given to this unit.

Brightness can reach up to 2000 lumens when a significant amount of light is required in the dark depths of some underwater areas.

Carrying this LED flashlight during a SCUBA salvage operation or archaeological work will likely make it possible to view sea creatures or solid structures.

9. GearLight LED Waterproof Flashlight

Similar to the Zohi rechargeable flashlight, the GearLight LED flashlight has a convenient finger grip handle to make it more efficient to hold. Equipped with an IP67 rating, this waterproof flashlight will float to the surface when dropped in fresh or marine water.

Using it during kayaking, hunting, fishing or camping should provide an adequate amount of light when needed. It’s also highly durable and can survive a 10-foot drop, making it ideal for unforeseen power outages or other types of home or outdoor emergencies.

10. Peetpen USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Using the Peetpen LED flashlight for outdoor adventures or in the home during an emergency can make it easier to see in the dark at a maximum length of about 500 meters.

Having an IPX6 waterproof rating makes it suitable to carry during heavy rains. Switching the flashlight from a wide to narrow beam offers the ability to focus on specific objects with up to 1500 lumens of light, and the military-grade design makes this USB flashlight highly durable and reliable.

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