Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight

Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight Review for 2020

Tactical flashlights are in hype nowadays. There are various atomic beam flashlight reviews on the internet which help you to choose the best one. So, today we are going to talk about Atomic Beam USA Tactical Flashlight. In this atomic beam flashlight review, we are going to see what makes this particular atomic lantern good over the others that are available on the market today.

Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight does not actually contain any nuclear components. However, the name Atomic Beam comes because it is made up of atoms, like everything around us and it includes us as well. It is a unique portable atomic beam lantern which is nothing like the others that are available on the market today. It is endorsed by Hunter Ellis, a former navy pilot, and an award-winning TV host.

Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight

Some important features that make Atomic Beam USA Tactical Flashlight superior to the others are:

Built With Quality Materials

Best Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight ReviewThe flashlight is made of Tough Grade Aluminum casing which helps it in portability because of it being lightweight. And if that was not enough, it also helps the flashlight to be very durable even with rugged use. It is just 5 inches long and less than 1.5 pounds. As seen in the advertisement, there is the impact test where the flashlight is dropped on the floor from several feet in the air, and when tested again, it works absolutely fine. This test is used to determine how good the flashlight functions and to withstand a drop to concrete from a specific height. If that was not enough, they showed us that even when enclosed in ice or pulled out of boiling oil, it works fine.

Flash Modes

The flashlight shines up to 5,000 Lux and gives you the freedom to extend the range up to 2,000X zoom. This flashlight has a total of 5 modes.

  • 1. High Beam
    When you are in a pitch-black environment, the flashlight helps you to use a high beam which is using all the 5,000 Lux, and according to the manufacturer, it is “One of the powerful flashlights on this planet”.
  • 2. Medium Beam
    This mode can be used when there is low light.
  • 3. Low Beam
    This mode can be used in a camping environment where you do not need bright light.
  • 4. Strobe
    Strobe mode can be used to startle someone, which makes it the best self-defense tool. It is very useful when someone is trying to attack you. The torch flashes at a great speed and it is very bright helping you to blind the person a short period.
  • 5. S.O.S
    When you are lost or need any assistance, you can use this feature. The light blinks at a low speed and makes you visible to the people.

Grip to Reduce Fatigue

The handle of the torch has knurled grips. What it does is, it reduces the fatigue and helps you get a firmer grip which makes the torch almost impossible to slip.

Zoom Functionality

Atomic Beam USA Tactical Flashlight features a 2,000X zoom functionality, and it is very easy to use. The torch head is movable in a to and fro motion, in simple words, forward and backward motion. When you push the head toward the front end, you will have the 2,000X zoom, and the light that is emitting goes to the farthest distance. However, the shape of the light will be a little square but it is very bright, allowing you to see what is there.

And when the head is pulled back to the other end, you will see the shape like a circle but the range is shorter.

There are markings on the head which will allow you to choose the magnification range.

No Harmful Fumes are Emitted

Using this flashlight is fame for both you and the animals around you as this lantern does not emit any harmful fumes. Making it eco-friendly.

  • Easy to Use: Thanks to the lightweight and simple setup, it is very easy to use. All you need is 3 AAA batteries or 1 rechargeable 3.7V Lithium-ion battery of Type 18650 Which is not included with the flashlight.
  • Low Cost: The Atomic Beam USA Tactical Flashlight is one of the cheapest and the best products available on the market today. With a price of $19.99, you will get yourself a powerful outdoor gadget without breaking your bank.
  • Used by Professionals: Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight is used by many professionals including Hunter Ellis, an ex-navy pilot, and an award-winning TV host. According to Hunter, it is an “Ultra-bright flashlight that features tactical technology used by the US special forces.”
  • No Pocket Grip: The Atomic Beam USA Tactical grip does not have a pocket grip. It is not a deal-breaker for a lot of people. However, including it would have made it a perfect package.

The solution to fix it is very simple. All you have to do is, to buy a pocket grip which is sold individually and it does not cost a lot. Adding it to your flashlight would help you to clip it down to your pocket for more safety and it can be used to spot it quickly.

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To conclude this atomic beam lantern review, the Atomic Beam USA Tactical flashlight is a very powerful and pocket-friendly torch. It can be very useful for outdoor use, not only that, thanks to the Strobe feature, it can also be used as a self-defense tool. According to a lot of atomic lantern reviews, this flashlight is the best one that money can buy. By many atomic flashlight reviews, Atomic Beam Tactical Flashlight is the brightest flashlight that is available on the market today and the price of it is unmatchable. Because of its size and weight, it is easy to carry and thanks to the built quality, it is very sturdy and durable. Try it yourself to believe it.

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